#StepUpToStopClots campaign launched by Thrombosis UK

Building on Thrombosis UK’s campaign to raise awareness and understanding of life threatening blood clots, the newly launched #StepUpToStopClots awareness and fundraising campaign enables everyone to join in three easy steps:

  • Set a personal ‘step’ target
  • Register as a fundraiser
  • Tell friends, family and colleagues about thrombosis and invite them to sponsor your amazing efforts

Then, off you go

Blood clots (thrombosis) can form I any part of the body and remain a major cause of death in the UK, with it being the number one cause of preventable deaths in hospital and responsible for 1 in 4 of all deaths.

An important risk fact is mobility – so the inspiring #StepUpToStopClots campaign encourages anyone of any ability to ‘step up’ and become more active. Whether it is a personal step daily count, a family team target or a dancer’s non-stop step out, everyone can join to make a difference.

As Annya Stephen-Boal, COO of Thrombosis UK reflects, “I am 59 years old in a few days’ time (the same age as my Mum when she suddenly died from a massive bilateral saddle pulmonary embolism), 42 years post first DVT and 36 years post my own massive bilateral pulmonary emboli which nearly put paid to me too.

“My left calf is a bit swollen, veiny, and achy due to post thrombotic syndrome and my lungs a bit iffy, especially in the cold, due to scarring from the clots but I’m still standing and very grateful to be here writing this blog today.

“I know I am far too sedentary. Having a desk-based job doesn’t help, but it shouldn’t be the excuse I use for not getting enough steps in every day, so I am setting myself a challenge to get a bit fitter, get a bit more active, and #StepUpToStopTheClots!

“I have a Fitbit, which is my best friend or my worst enemy depending on how well I am achieving my daily goals…. Wish me luck. And I wish the best of luck to everyone who is joining us in this challenge to get a bit more active, raise awareness of thrombosis, and hopefully raise some money for the cause too.”

To find out more and register visit: http://thrombosisuk.org/stepuptostopclots

VTE Facts:
Venous thromboembolism is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide. In Europe and the U.S, it claims more lives than AIDS, breast and prostate cancer, and motor vehicle crashes combined.

1 in 4 of all deaths are as a result of conditions caused by thrombosis.

80% of people presenting with a DVT have no symptoms, always consider VTE

Every six seconds a person dies from VTE globally