Cancer is the highest single risk factor for thrombosis.

COVID-19 and Thrombosis in Cancer Patients: The Clot Thickens

Prof Alok Khorana looks at hypercoagulability of COVID-19 and strategies and recommendations for anticoagulation.

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Thrombosis UK joined with organizations representing patients, nurses and health experts to call on the European Commission to take into account cancer-related complications as it designs its European Beating Cancer Plan.

Patients and experts draw attention to cancer-related conditions.

All Party Parliamentary Group (APG) for Thrombosis March 2020

Report: VTE in Cancer Patients Cancer, Chemotherapy & Clots Survey 2016-1019

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Patient Experience of Living With Cancer Associated Thrombosis in France (Le PELICAN)

Isabell Mahe, Jean Chidiac, Mickael Pinson, Parinita Swarnkar, Anne Marie Nelson, Simon Noble - May 2020

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Warwick Clinical Trials Unit – selected Cancer associated thrombosis – a patient perspective

Cancer-associated thrombosis awareness survey - Results report - October 2018

European Cancer Patient Coalition
With support from LEO Pharma
Carried out by Quality Health Limited

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Hospice inpatient deep vein thrombosis detection (HIDDen) in advanced non-malignant diseases’: a longitudinal pilot study - HIDDen Study, 2020

Clare White Simon Noble Flavia Swan Max Watson Victoria Allgar Eoin Napier Annmarie Nelson Miriam J Johnson

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Setting The scene – the global burden of CAT

Presented by: Lord Kakkar

Clinical decision-making and the role of patient choice

Presented by: Dr Simon Noble

Incidental VTE: Who should we anticoagulate?

Presented by: Dr Anthony Maraveyas


Presented by: Dr Ander Cohen

Anticoagulation for non-valvular AF during chemotherapy

Presented by: Dr Malcolm Walker

Cancer-associated thrombosis: 6 months and beyond

Presented by: Dr Vickie McDonald

Management of CAT - where data is lacking

Presented by: Dr Tim Nokes

IVC filters in CAT management

Presented by: Dr Maeve Crowley