Blood clots (thrombosis) and Covid-19

The coronavirus outbreak is changing the way we all live our lives, often this means thinking how to adapt and learning to live with uncertainty.

NICE are seeking to recruit

We are looking for experts to join our quality standards advisory committee (QSAC) to develop the Venous thromboembolic diseases QS (2021).

Passing of a founding trustee for Thrombosis UK

It is with sadness that Thrombosis UK share the news of Mr Brian Gardner’s death.

Brian died peacefully on 22rd February. He was a founding trustee for Thrombosis UK, or Life Blood as the charity was then called. Accepting the post of Treasurer, he was extremely able, ensured that Thrombosis UK got off on a sound financial footing and for many years was a key person in making a massive difference to the establishing, growth and sustainability of Thrombosis UK.

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