Get It Right First Time

Launched 1st October 2019, the NHS Improvement programme, GIRFT (Getting It Right First Time) has launched an innovative Thrombosis Survey

The GIRFT programme is dedicated to working with hospitals to identify and implement improvements that benefit both patients and staff.

The GIRFT Thrombosis Survey is open to all hospitals across England.

The first NHS England systematic VTE risk assessment for the identification of high risk patients was a global first, and evidences improved patient outcomes:

Resulting in:
  • Delivery of high quality care
  • Reducing avoidable harm
  • Safer hospitals

However, while the average monthly rates of VTE Risk Assessment remain around 95%, maintaining programmes are under pressure from competing Quality Improvement priorities within the NHS, and audit of root cause analysis and hospital acquired thrombosis (HAT) cases are not universally performed.

The GIRFT Thrombosis Survey seeks to address these gaps and identify:

What proportion of HAT cases are deemed potentially preventable?

What themes can be identified within cases with potentially preventable HAT?

Assess local practice in the prevention of Hospital Acquired Thrombosis.

Provide data for participating trusts to benchmark themselves against the national average and to drive better scrutiny and investigation of HAT and their causes.

Every hospital in England is urged to register and take part in this work.

Previous GIRFT programmes have already identified variation in care, outcome and cost implications, and the aim is that the GIRFT Thrombosis Survey will help inform and improve VTE prevention, management and practice that benefits patients, clinicians and efficiency.

Following the survey GIRFT will produce individual provider data packs to show how they are performing and how their activity benchmarks against other providers; and to produce a national picture of delivery with key recommendations for improvement.

For any further information or for details on how to register your hospital on the survey please:

Contact GIRFT