We are looking for women to act as public and patient involvement (PPI) members on our Study Steering Committee (SSC) for a research project that aims to improve outcomes for women at risk of blood clots during pregnancy and in the early weeks after pregnancy.

The SSC is an independent committee that provides oversight on behalf of the funder (the National Institute for Health Research).

The SSC will be a group of 8 to 10 people and will include researchers, and clinical experts in addition to PPI members.

PPI members will be asked to advise on aspects of the project where the interests and views of patients and the public are particularly important. Examples of these might include the information participants receive when agreeing to take part in the research and the way in which the findings are communicated to the general public.

We anticipate having SSC meetings 3 times over the 15 months that the project will run (Jan 2021 to March 2022). They will last approximately 2 hours each time. These will be held remotely via video or teleconference. There will be some reimbursement available for time spent preparing for and attending meetings.

Further details about the role of NIHR oversight committees are available here:

The Vascular PSP is a national project working in partnership with the James Lind Alliance (JLA) to invite people with experience of vascular conditions, to submit questions they want answered by research. A National Steering Committee has been formed to lead this work and includes representation from The Vascular Society, The Society of Vascular Nurses, The Society for Vascular Technology, The Vascular and Endovascular Research Network and the Circulation Foundation.

A short survey has been designed, inviting patients, families and carers to submit questions in their own words. Their responses will help us to decide on the most important areas for research.

A third year Psychology student at Swansea University is conducting a final year project on adherence to thrombosis medication (warfarin or DOACs) and is seeking comments from patients currently taking or who have taken anticoagulation.

The research has been approved by the departmental Research Ethics Committee. Data collected will be compliant with GDPR with no personal information about the respondent being recorded.
To find out more about the study and survey please click here.

Imperial College London is carrying out a research questionnaire to help them gain patient opinions and advice on a research study examining the benefits of stockings for people who have experienced a DVT.

They wish to invite members of the public to complete the following questionnaire which just takes a few minutes to complete. Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you!