London to Paris Cycle Challenge 2020

Cycle from the vibrant Heart of London to the beautiful City of Lights

This iconic London to Paris Cycle will take you from the heart of London through beautiful English villages and into the stunning countryside of rural France before you reach Paris and end your challenge under the Eiffel Tower! You will make friends for life and go on an incredible adventure which will stay with you forever.

The ride takes place from the 25th to 29th September 2019.

Supporters who book this challenge get to witness the finale of the Tour de France 2020 on their free Sunday in Paris! The event dates are from 15th – 19th July 2020. Organised by Skyline Events, registration fee is £149 (payable to Skyline Events) and they ask for a minimum sponsorship level of £1,650 to be raised by each supporter.

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