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Christina is a patient advocate for Thrombosis UK and annually supports awareness and fundraising activities. In 2017 Christina co-led to develop and launch the 'Focus on Thrombosis' awareness canvases featuring survivors and interviews that have since toured many areas of the UK being displayed in hospitals, medical centres and large community activities. The canvasses are a central part of the Thrombosis UK poster campaign and in the past 18 months, more than 20,000 have been distributed for displays across the UK.

At 22 Christina fell ill, 5 months of misdiagnosis of suspected conversion disorder (mental ill health causing physical symptoms). Fit faints, hallucinating and extreme sweats prompted a Hospital admission that led to a diagnosis of Multiple Bilateral Pulmonary Embolisms. Fatigue, Dizziness, Pain and Aching Muscles prevented her from returning to work for two years. In that time Christina found Thrombosis UK and started raising awareness through fundraising, which has provided great comfort, easing symptoms of Survivors Guilt.

Support from the Charity and fellow survivors and family members have played a vital role in recovery mentally and physically. Personally, and professionally life has changed dramatically in the 8 years since diagnosis, having support from Thrombosis UK has made a hugely positive difference.

Marilyn Rees RGN BSc Advanced Practice, Independent Prescriber Venous Thrombosis Nurse Specialist DVT Clinic, Doppler Department, University Hospital Wales, Cardiff. Marilyn has a career spanning over 30 years having worked much of this time in unscheduled care. Over the last 10 years she has developed a specific interest in care of patients with a diagnosis of venous thrombosis as well as prevention of hospital acquired thrombosis.

She set up the DVT Clinic 6 years ago working with Dr Raza Alikhan to improve and streamline the assessment, management and follow up of patients diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis. She is the Clinical Nurse Lead for Thromboprophylaxis for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board in Wales and sits on their Executive Thrombosis and Anticoagulation Group. She has been instrumental in developing and embedding thromboprophylaxis risk assessment processes across the health board.

Her role also includes developing robust processes to collect HAT data which is fed back to the Clinical Boards in order to improve patient care. This data also is sent to the Welsh Government in order to measure practice across Wales and ensure widespread adoption of best practice. She is a member of the All Wales Hospital Acquired Thrombosis Steering Group which has supported the development of improvement methodology for risk assessment and data collection of HAT for staff in NHS Wales.

She has a specific interest in the developing management of superficial thrombophlebitis. She is joint organiser of the All Wales National Thrombosis Conference every year which brings together health care professionals from across Wales to share learning and best practice.

Sylvia Teece Round, Anticoagulation Specialist Nurse at Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, received an Ambassador Award from Thrombosis UK in 2014. The award was made in recognition of her work and achievements in Venous thromboembolism (VTE) prevention and improving patient care and safety.

The ceremony was held at the House of Commons and hosted by Andrew Gwynne MP who himself had a pulmonary embolism.

At the award ceremony Sylvia said: “I am truly honoured to be recognised at such an event for essentially doing my job - however, without the help of my colleagues at Bronglais much of the work I do would not be possible - so this award is for them too.

“The importance of recognising the impact to patients and their families who have suffered from VTE and ensuring that we do our best to prevent hospital associated thrombosis, is something we as health professionals should all be involved with.”

Lead Advanced Nurse Practitioner – Anticoagulation Wales Nurse Director – Thrombosis UK

Originally trained as an SEN in the Royal Air Force, following a four year break abroad Andrea returned to Wales in 1992 and undertook Project 2000. After inheriting the management of the hospital INR clinic in Bridgend General Hospital in 1995 she developed an interest in Anticoagulation. Her passion and enthusiasm for Anticoagulation have taken her as far afield as the ISTH conference in Australia. She is a member of the All Wales Hospital Acquired Thrombosis (HAT) Steering Group and regularly attends associated meetings in the House of Commons where her extensive thromboprophylaxis work was recognised in 2013.

In September 2014 Andrea Presented to the World Safety Congress in Madrid, she is the HAT Project Lead in ABMUHB and Wales Nurse Director for Thrombosis UK. Achievements include: BSc health promotion (contributing to winning thrombosis leaders of the future award 2002), MSc in Clinical Practice, completion of courses in Anticoagulation and Thromboprophylaxis at Hatfield University, Hertfordshire, the founded member of the Bro Morgannwg Anticoagulation / Thrombosis committee. Andrea Is a Lead Advanced Nurse Practitioner she holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and is an Independent Prescriber.

In 2015 the Princess of Wales, Maesteg General and Neath Port Talbot Hospitals, in Andrea’s Health Board, were all recognised as Thrombosis Exemplar Centres.

I am Clare Reynolds and I was the first patient Ambassador for Thrombosis UK. I am also the charities part time Project Development Officer as well as a mum of two. I became involved with the charity many years ago a few years after my first DVT's. In 2013 I became an ambassador and in 2014 I was made a trustee. The help the charity had given me over the years inspired me to give back by using my time, knowledge and skills. I spoke to other patients and spoke at conferences about my own personal experience, I did a stand at my local hospital and also engaged the staff and consultants promoting the charity wherever I could.

I am extremely proud and honoured to be an ambassador and also an employee of Thrombosis UK.