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Graduated Compression as an Adjunct to Pharmacoprophylaxis in Surgery (GAPS) It is known that individuals attending hospital to undergo surgery are at risk of developing blood clots in the legs. Patients are usually given elastic stockings plus anticoagulants to reduce that risk but doctors are unsure if this is the best treatment. The aim of the GAPS study is to look at whether patients who wear elastic stockings as well as taking anticoagulant medication have a lower chance of developing VTE than patients who take anticoagulant medications only. For more information, please visit:"

May 2020, Research Trial Report: Graduated compression stockings as adjuvant to pharmaco-thromboprophylaxis in elective surgical patients (GAPS study): randomised controlled trial

Joseph Shalhoub, Rebecca Lawton, Jemma Hudson, Christopher Baker, Andrew Bradbury, Karen Dhillon, Tamara Everington, Manjit S Gohel, Zaed Hamady, Beverley J Hunt, Gerrard Stansby, David Warwick, John Norrie, Alun H Davies, on behalf of the GAPS trial investigators