The Royal Society of Medicine: Toxicology for the intensivists

CPD Accredited

Join top speakers on this webinar to discover key aspects of the assessment and management of patients with cardiovascular drug toxicity and recreational drug and novel psychoactive substances (NPS) toxicity. The webinar will focus on key knowledge required by an intensivist to resuscitate acutely unwell patients.

Dr David Wood will update you about Cardiovascular Drug Toxicity:

  • Understand the antidotes used in the management of calcium channel and beta-blocker overdoses
  • Describe the approach to the use of those antidotes in the management of calcium channel and beta-blocker overdose
  • Discuss the indications for use of Intralipid in severe cardiovascular toxicity

Prof Paul Dargan will update you about Recreational Drug and NPS Toxicity:

  • Understand the prevalence of use of different types of recreational drugs/NPS
  • Describe the different types of toxicity related to the use of recreational drugs/NPS
  • Discuss the long-term harms and dependence associated with certain recreational drugs/NPS

This webinar will cover core FFICM competencies required by Intensive Care Medicine trainees.

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