Learning Disabilities And Autism: Equality And Empowerment

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Prior to COVID-19 people with a learning disability or autism received inequitable consideration in supporting their health and wellbeing, access to appropriate education provision, suitable housing, meaningful employment and community services. The pandemic has compounded these circumstances, with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and Office for National Statistics (ONS) highlighting the uneven impact the pandemic and measures to control the virus have had on this cohort - demonstrated by the disproportionate death rate of people with a learning disability or autism during the first wave (451 per 100,00 - 4.1 times higher than the general population) and the staggering mortality rate among young adults with a learning disability or autism - 30 times higher for those aged between 18 - 34, compared with that of the general population.

Open Forum Events is proud to be recognised as a leading organiser of national conferences informed by the experiences of people living with or affected by learning disabilities and autism. This year's conference will mark our seventh annual event providing a platform for learning through keynotes, panels, knowledge sharing and dissemination of best practice - discussing contentious issues and challenging topics, as well as assessing the way forward.

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