Mental Health: Supporting NHS Workforce Resilience

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Caring for the mental health and psychological wellbeing of the NHS' people is essential in delivering world class care and patient safety. COVID-19 thrust front line NHS staff under a spotlight; but as the applause fades, the people who make-up the NHS will be asked to carry on.

The day-to-day challenges facing NHS workers have never been so stark. Researchers at King's College London surveyed staff in nine ICUs across England about how they coped during the pandemic - 45% of 709 respondents met the threshold for probable clinical significance for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (39%), severe anxiety (11%), problem drinking (7%) and severe depression (6%). In August, NHS Providers surveyed 140 leaders from NHS Trusts and Foundations across England, almost all (99%) said they were extremely or moderately concerned by the current level of burnout across the workforce. The Doctor's Association UK undertook a poll of 1,758 doctors across the UK, when asked where they saw themselves working in the next one-to-three years, 65% (1,143) of respondents said they would be leaving the NHS; 45% cited the impact of the pandemic on their mental health as a driving factor in their considerations.

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