DOACs: Learning & approaches to sustainably review patients

Online accredited event developed by UKCPA

This is session 2 of the 2 part series: Improving the safe and effective use of DOACs

Anticoagulants are linked to more deaths and severe harm than any other medicine, being involved in 2 out of 9 medicines related claims that end in damages. The DOACs are now the most popular anticoagulants, with almost 1 million patients in England taking these medicines. This number continues to grow on an annual basis. Whilst the DOACs require less frequent monitoring than older anticoagulants, it is essential that is still carried out, and in particular renal function, as their dose needs to be optimised to CrCl. Recent national data has shown that 15% of patients taking DOACs in England may be on the wrong dose in relation to their renal function, putting them at an increased risk of harm.

In this second webinar of a 2-part series we will explore practical approaches that have been tested by clinical colleagues to ensure the review of DOACs. We will also focus on how QI methods can be used to ensure that this practice remains sustainable.

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