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Patient Meetings

Thrombosis UK provides dedicated patient support and information meetings as part of our support and education programme. Meetings are popular and we do recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are launching a new series of online Patient Information and Support webinars. Our dedicated meetings are an opportunity to learn more about blood clots, managing risk factors, treatment options and restoring well-being.

Webinars are hosted on line using the zoom app, this is free for attendees to down load and use.

To attend live webinars, simply register below, or view recordings of past webinars shown below.

Tuesday 4th May 2021 - 09:45-10:15

Recorded patient information session: 'COVID-19 vaccination and VITT for anyone at with a history of thrombosis'

Filmed interview addressing many FAQs about this very topical subject with Professor Beverley Hunt OBE

Thursday 6th May 2021 - 09:45-10:45

Getting the most from your VTE consultation

Welcoming Thrombosis Consultant, Dr Will Thomas, patient and Thrombosis UK Trustee, Shaun Kinghorn and VTE Specialist Nurse, Emma Gee to share and discuss what to expect and how to prepare to make the most of a VTE consultation. Join this live session and be ready with your questions.

Friday 7th May 2021 - 09:45-10:45

HRT for women at risk or with a history of blood clots presented by Dr Louise Newson, Dawne Archer and Maggie Honey

Dr Louise Newson a GP and menopause specialist leads this session along with VTE patient Dawne Archer.

Menopause and Clots - Can I take HRT if I have an increased risk of a blood clot?

This factsheet provides information about HRT for women who have a risk (or history) of blood clots.

It has been written jointly by Thrombosis UK and Dr Louise Newson, GP and menopause specialist

Download Now

Welcome to Thrombosis UK's NTW21 Virtual Conference

Open to all healthcare and allied professionals, NTW21 promises exceptional learning with live and 'catch-up' recordings, workshops, Q&A's and opportunities to discuss.

Registration is free of charge and enables attendees access to CPD accredited meetings, sponsored symposia and virtual exhibition stands.

From global leads to local champions, NTW21 offers learning for everyone seeking to advance VTE patientcare and management.

With free 24/7 access to the conference platform throughout May, attendees will have opportunity to re-visit, catch-up, sign post and share.

Learning in obstetrics and gynaecological thrombosis

Chaired by: Professor Beverley Hunt OBE
(a) Vaccination in pregnancy, safety monitoring and other considerations - Dr Kenneth Hodson
(b) Learning from COVID in thrombosis and pregnancy - Dr Jahnavi Daru
(c) Evidence and options in HRT and blood clots - Dr Louise Newson

Managing patients on warfarin – practical tips and case studies

Chaired by: Dr Jim Moore
(a) Managing skills, opportunities and challenges in a nurse led warfarin clinic - Hayley Flavell
(b) Tips and learning from an anticoagulation hospital service, pharmacist led - Victoria Collings
(c) Anticoagulation and the role of Primary Care - Dr Matthew Fay

COVID and clots

Chaired by: Professor Beverley Hunt OBE
(a) Current thoughts on the pathogenesis of COVID-19 - Dr Yogen Kanthi
(b) Heparin as an anti-inflammatory and antiviral agent - Dr Andrew Webb
(c) Inhaled heparin – learning and research - Dr Quentin Nunes

VTE prevention in hospitalised psychiatric patients

Chaired by: Professor Beverley Hunt OBE
Dr Josie Jenkinson
Dr Thomas York
Dr Ashma Mohamed
Dr Michael Cheah

Update on thromboprophylaxis and COVID

Chaired by: Dr Mathew Fay
Update on thromboprophylaxis in hospitalised COVID-19 patients - Dr Dan Horner
Decision making on thromboprophylaxis for patients with COVID19 in the community (post discharge and those managed through a hospital at home mechanism) - Dr Susie Shapiro
Evidence update on Vaccine Induced Immune Thrombosis and Thrombocytopenia - Professor Beverley Hunt OBE

Reducing hospital acquired thrombosis – Learning from NHS GIRFT (Getting It Right First Time)

Chaired by: Professor Roopen Arya
GIRFT findings - Dr Lara Roberts
Local impact and changes implemented as a result of GIRFT - Andrew Gillett
Panel discussion and Q&A session - Dr Lara Roberts, Emma Gee, Rebecca Simpson, Andrew Gillett

Identifying problem areas in thrombosis that need fresh ideas

Chaired by: Professor Beverley Hunt OBE
(a) Where are we going to improve quality and safety of imaging for VTE? - Dr Narayan Karunanithy
(b) Will we ever develop a perfect anticoagulant? - Professor Helen Philippou
(c) Improving VTE risk assessment for thromboprophylaxis in UK hospitals - Professor Roopen Arya

Guidelines in Cancer Associated Thrombosis

Chaired by: Professor Anthony Maraveyas
(a)Updates in CAT international guidelines - Dr Raza Alikhan
(b) What is missing - gaps in evidence and research is needed - Professor Simon Noble

VTE in Pregnancy

Chaired by: Sylvia Teece-Round
Dr Fionnuala Ní Áinle

Managing AF in the setting of COVID: Challenges and Opportunities

Chaired by: Sylvia Teece-Round
Dr Honey Thomas

VTE Diagnosis in the Emergency Department

Chaired by: Sylvia Teece-Round
Dr Dan Horner

Delivery of anticoagulation management in the community, challenges and achievements

Chaired by: Sylvia Teece-Round
Lyndsey Stanley, Janet Davies

Achieving Exemplar Site Status

Chaired by: Sylvia Teece-Round
Christine Welburn

Treatment of VTE – an interactive session

Chaired by: Sylvia Teece-Round
Dr Will Lester


Chaired by: Sylvia Teece-Round
Dr John Bright

Thrombosis (potentially life-threatening blood clots) is a very common condition affecting more than 60,000 every year in the UK.

1 in 4 of all deaths are as a result of thrombosis, and the condition is the number 1 cause of preventable hospital deaths.

This year, Thrombosis UK are calling for greater awareness and understanding of thrombosis and asking everyone to:

'Think Thrombosis' it is the easiest way to:

  • Prevent
  • Protect
  • Inform

As a supporter, please help share this message and increase awareness and understanding of thrombosis.

Thrombosis is also known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), pulmonary embolism (PE) and venous thromboembolism (VTE).

You can read more about what Thrombosis is here on our site.