National Thrombosis Week 2023 | We want everyone to Think Thrombosis

Thrombosis are happy to announce the National Thrombosis Week 2024 will take place between 6th and 12th of May 2024.

Everyone Can Be Part of NTW’24

In celebration of National Thrombosis Week (NTW), join in our activities to increase awareness, extend education and improve understanding of thrombosis.

NTW’24 accredited virtual conference for healthcare and allied professionals.

Join Thrombosis UK at the annual NTW’24 conference celebrating National Thrombosis Week.
Three days of live webinars welcoming VTE leaders, headliners, legends and professional bodies, providing interactive learning and discussion.
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NTW’24 conference e-Poster submissions.


Be part of NTW’24 by submitting your abstract for the NTW’24 e-Poster Exhibition Hall.
Abstracts must be submitted by 1st April 2024 to be concerned for exhibition. Four exhibitors will be invited to present live during the NTW’24 main agenda.
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NTW’24 Patient Support Meetings

Men and Blood Clots

An online webinar providing discussion, information, and opportunity to ask questions.
This meeting will seek to address many of the issues often raised with Thrombosis UK by men diagnosed with a blood clot.
Welcoming Dr Will Lester, Consultant in Thrombosis and Haemostasis, Clinical Psychologist, Prof Paul Bennett and patient advocate and past-Trustee of Thrombosis UK, Shaun Kinghorn, the panel will discuss and consider key topics from a male perspective. This will include:

  • The impact of clots and treatment on lifestyle, work, sports, and hobbies. Understanding blood clots, risk factors for men and reducing risk in the future.
  • Talking with family, friends, and employers.
  • Making the most of your health professionals’ appointments.
  • Coping with worries & concerns.
  • Maximising quality of life following a thrombosis.
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Everyone can join in by sharing information

Access to reliable information across the whole blood clot journey helps to reduce risk, prevent harm and support recovery.
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