May 2018 saw the launch of Thrombosis UK’s ‘Let’s Talk Clots’ healthcare professional conferences.

Globally, every six seconds someone dies from a VTE - it’s time for us to: #LetsTalkClots

Objectives are simple, direct and empowering:

  • Think Thrombosis – to prevent and to detect
  • Increase understanding – what are risk factors? who may be at risk? How can we assess risk and reduce this? Making appropriate treatment choices
  • What evidence is there to support decision making? What should the should the 2018 updated NICE VTE NG89 guidelines have on management of VTE?
  • How are you doing it? - Share, discuss, learn
  • Improve prevention, improve patient outcomes, improve patient experience

With daily pressures and shortages, why are these conferences so important to attend?

Well, let’s look at the very basics:
Q: What is the number one cause of preventable hospital deaths? - Thrombosis
Q: What is the number one direct cause of maternal deaths? - Thrombosis
Q: What are 1 in 4 of all deaths related to? - Thrombosis

Thrombosis is an international patient safety issue and a national clinical priority for the NHS.

The Let’s Talk Clots conferences brought together health care practitioners from across services, indicative of the way thrombosis itself can present; and with informative, challenging and often passionate presentations from global, national and regional VTE leads.

With CPD accreditation, and low cost/ free of charge registration, Let’s Talk Clots educational conference are immense value for practice improvement.

Key themes emerging from each event included:

  • Prevention is best: VTE risk assessment should be embedded protocol for all hospital admissions, whilst staying in hospital and on discharge
  • Appropriate thromboprophylaxis
  • Newly updated NICE VTE NG89
  • Cancer Associated Thrombosis, risk factor, communication and management
  • Pregnancy and Thrombosis, we all need to think
  • Extended opportunity and challenging complexities of DOACs in VTE and AF
  • Reviewing evidence in complex cases to inform decision making

Slides and some filmed presentations will soon be available and look out for further Let’s Talk Clots educational events during 2018.

Jeremy Hunt, UK Minister for Health, highlights the need for VTE prevention

Thrombosis UK was delighted to hear Jeremy Hunt, UK Minister for Health, highlight the need for VTE prevention in his opening speech at the ‘Global Action for Patient Safety’ conference with the World Health Organisation, attended by our Medical Lead, Professor Beverley Hunt.

Jeremy Hunt, UK Minister for Health

Jo Jerrome
The author

Jo Jerrome

Cheif Executive Officer

In April 2016 Jo was thrilled and honoured to be invited to become CEO of Thrombosis UK. A teacher for many years, Jo became involved in patient advocacy following her young daughter's diagnosis of a long-term condition.

Currently Jo sits as a Lay representative on NICE Indicators, West of England AHSN Patient Safety committee, and on research and project development groups.