In memory of Abi French

Abi at the age of 18 developed blood clots on her lungs causing her to have two consecutive cardiac arrests. Doctors at Leicester Glenfield hospital, thankfully got her back. They had no idea why Abi developed the clots, all the tests they could do showed nothing. Abi was told that if it happened again it was unlikely she would survive and they described her as a ticking time bomb. Abi had to take Warferin each day and have regular blood tests to check she was on the correct dose. Despite this Abi lived her life as full as possible, always with a smile on her face. In May 2014 Abi married James and moved to RAF Marham where he worked.

Sadly in February 2015 just a few days after her 22nd birthday Abi collapsed in the middle of a dinner party, this time despite medics attemps she did not survive.

As there is not enough knowledge about this condition, we decided to raise as much money as possible for Thrombosis UK to try to raise awarness and maybe save another family going through this. We are also raising money for Leicester Glenfield hospital outside of this page. Abis RAF friends also raised £1585 plus £376.25 gift aid for Thrombosis UK by doing the Welsh 3000 challenge and £967 by doing a fun Day at RAF Marham in 2015.