Let the Games Begin

If you’ve been reading my recent blog’s and social media posts, you will have seen that I have tried to up my general activity to avoid what can be a very sedentary lifestyle – see my blog on Urban Tales of the Desk Jockey.

Did you know that the typical working adult spends more time sitting down than the average pensioner !

Being active doesn’t mean you have to aim for a Marathon. Just 10mins of walking can make the difference. Get the kids involved, your partner, whatever it takes to get up and get moving. A little goes a long way.

A typical working adult spends more time sitting down than the average pensioner

For me though, the time has come to officially kick-start my #StepUpToStopClots fundraising activities. I can now announce the first few races I will be taking part in, in my quest to raise awareness for Thrombosis UK.

Race Schedule

26th SeptemberWorthing 5K

7th OctoberBrighton 10mile

21st OctoberWorthing 10K

    I’m looking forward to hitting the tarmac and engaging with fellow runners once more, as I plod around these courses.

    Why not enter one of these races yourself or select from one of Thrombosis UK supported races on our events page - see sport section

    What's stopping you, set a challenge and #StepUpToStopClots

    It should be fun, it will be fun, but there is a serious message behind all of this.

    Thrombosis remains a major cause of death in the UK yet many people have little or no understanding about the causes and effects of thrombosis, and how it can be prevented. Even if you are active, being aware of the risk factors, and especially of your own risk factors is really important in helping you to avoid and protect yourself from thrombosis.

    There are many ways to get involved, from swimming, cycling, dog walking, just be active.  What's stopping you, set a challenge and #StepUpToStopClots.

    I’m looking forward to getting out there and including the family in some of these future adventures.

    Follow my exploits on this blog, or via Twitter and Instagram and please donate to this great cause at my JustGiving page.