Mark's 50km Swimming Challenge 2019

Dear Supporter,

Please help me raise funds for Thrombosis UK by sponsoring my 50km swimming challenge. 

It is just £3 per donation.

Following a pulmonary embolism (blood clot on the lung) in 2016, I took up swimming to help me recover physically and mentally.

This year's challenge is Part 2 of an ambitious three-year swimming project:

  • Year 1:  Lakes        (Completed in 2018)
  • Year 2:  Rivers       (Completed in 2019)
  • Year 3:  The Sea    (2020)

Last year, I was one of only five people to complete all three 10km marathons in the 'Great Swim Series' - Lake Windermere, Alton Water Reservoir and Loch Lomond.

This year, I am upping the ante! I have challenged myself to complete 5 swimming marathons in 7 weeks. 

If successful, I will be the ONLY swimmer in the UK to complete these five river marathons in 2019.

I will need to swim 50km of river in England, Wales and Scotland. It will also be my first attempt at an 'ultra marathon'... 14km in one day.

To reach the level of fitness required, I have to train 5 times a week in the pool and the gym.

My lung capacity is only at 67% of what it used to be, but with the aid of an inhaler I can exercise adequately and have now clocked up over 400 miles and 300 hours in the water since recovering from my illness. 

PLEASE sponsor my charity swim for Thrombosis UK. 

If it helps one person to recover from a blood clot, it will have been worth it.

Many people feel embarrassed by donating small amounts on Just Giving. Don't be! 

All I want is £3, but I am happy with even less. Spare what you can.  

I love to see the small donations roll in. I would rather have £3 from hundreds of people than £20 from a few people! 

Thank you!!!!! Wish me luck!