Let the Games Begin

If you’ve been reading my recent blog’s and social media posts, you will have seen that I have tried to up my general activity to avoid what can be a very sedentary lifestyle – see my blog on Urban Tales of the Desk Jockey.

Did you know that the typical working adult spends more time sitting down than the average pensioner !

Shaun's Gateshead 10k Trail Run for Thombosis UK

As a patient representative on the Thrombosis UK board of trustees I have witnessed first-hand the passion, expertise, and vision of the Thrombosis UK team. They are committed to education, research, first class management, and prevention of VTE (Venous Thromboembolism). I will be running with our two daughters Melanie and Ashley at the Gateshead 10K on Saturday 11th August. I am delighted to support the drive to prevent VTE affecting others.

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